TVS Supply Chain Solutions is awarded Authorised Economic Operator Certification by UK Government HMRC

TVS supply chain gets AEO certification by UK

HMRC AEO Certifications TVS Supply chain Solutions (TVS SCS) is awarded AEO Certification by UK Government HMRC, indicating that its role in the international trade and supply chain is secure, efficient and is Union Customs Code compliant. The introduction of AEO status had been the European Community's response to the need to ensure international supply chains, the introduction of Customs-Trade Partnership against terrorism in the USA and the development of the SAFE framework of standards by the World Customs Organisation. The possession of AEO status is expected to make it easier for businesses to apply to use such simplification throughout the EU. Andrew Jones, TVS SCS Europe CEO said: "This award is a testament to how we operate as a business and continually strive to be the best at what we do and significantly positions us as a Trusted and Compliant Global Service Provider and fosters greater customer and supply chain confidence."