Transportation Solutions and Last Mile Solutions

Technology driven efficient and seamless Cargo, Last Mile and Reverse Logistics Solutions

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TVS Supply Chain Solutions' transportation solutions are operationally sound and function on the strong backbone of state-of-the-art technology and Transport Management System. The Track and Trace mechanisms and efficient management and monitoring systems ensure transparency and step by step feedback about the status of your consignment.

Value Added Transportation Solutions and Last Mile Solutions

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  • Plan For Each Part (PFEP)
  • GPS Tracking solution
    • GPS, Door sensor system for dedicated trucks
    • Wired GPS units for temporary / one time usage trucks
  • Customized vehicles and solutions
  • Efficient consolidation with wide network

As one of the top logistics and supply chain companies in India, TVS Supply Chain Solutions possesses the capability to provide all modes of transportation services i.e. by sea, air, road or multi-modal. As an end to end supply chain solutions provider, TVS also manages customers’ documentation and compliance processes, thereby saving their valuable time and money.

Transporatation Project garudaWe offer all types of transportation solutions including Primary, Secondary, Full Truck / Partial Load, Trailers, ODC, Express, Last Mile and Reverse. We also offer

Milk Run

Milk Run
TVS Supply Chain Solutions specializes in Plan For Each Part (PFEP) based Milk-Run solutions and consolidation through hub & spoke model. Milk-Run is provided to OEM’s / Tier I / Tier II companies In India, Thailand and the UK. The key results areas are

  • Fixed window time
  • JIT sequenced / Kanban order Milk-Run collections
  • Dynamic cube optimizing monitoring system
  • Safe Martial Transport
  • Schedule versus collection real time information
  • Increased collection frequency with same cost
Line Haul

Line Haul
A large fleet network and hubs at all major consolidation points, allows TVS Supply Chain Solutions to offer flexibility and cost effective transportation solutions to customers while maintaining a keen focus on service versus cost performance of the supply chain. The key results areas are

  • Higher consolidation efficiency
  • Best in industry transit time
  • Dedicated service providers
  • Trained truck drivers
  • Safe Transportation

The capability to distribute from warehouses / hubs to plants and factories JIT or the ability to manage medium and short haul transportation is integral to the success of any supply chain. The ability to store material and redeliver to customer as and when required and a large and varied fleet of dedicated vehicles allows TVS Supply Chain Solutions to scale the operations up or down thereby keeping the supply chain cost optimised for the customer even in periods of variable demand. The key results areas are

  • Long or short term storage
  • Proper Cross docking
  • Container stuffing/De-stuffing
  • Computerized inventory control

Hoisting Services and Installation Services and Maintenance

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