Coverage of CEO’s participation as panelist at the CVF 2017

Evolving industry landscape

Business leaders from OEM, logistics, tech disruptors and large fleet owners participated in the forum, including Mr. Erich Nesselhauf – MD & CEO, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Shyam Maller – Sr Vice President – Sales & Marketing, VE Commercial Vehicles, Mr. Keshab Chandra Sen – CEO & President, MLR Auto, etc.

The transport and logistics side of the business was also represented with the presence of Mr. Shankar R – CEO, TVS Logistics, Mr. Prasanna Patwardhan – MD & Chairperson, Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions, Ms. Kausalya Nandkumar – CEO, SmartShift, and others.

Mr. Erich Nesselhauf highlighted the importance of creating a pool of trained drivers to make that basic change in the way the industry operates and to make it efficient. He said: “It is also essential to focus on the ergonomics in trucks and a good air conditioning cabins is merely one of the pre-requisites of it. A comfortable truck driver will be a safe driver.”

Ms. Kausalya Nandkumar, CEO, SmartShift, a transport aggregator, reiterated her company’s commitment towards surface transporters. She said: “With our unconventional technology deployment, we eliminated the barriers to enter the market. We gave transporters the autonomy that they desire by choosing the right price for their cargo. Smart Shift’s reverse bidding feature has enabled their (transporters) growth and brought about change in the market. The transporters who have joined us have also been having effective communication with one another.”

Helping the audience understand the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), in another panel discussion, Ms. Farhana Haque, Head, Internet of Things, Vodafone India, said: “Due to the influx of IoT a lot of data is generated and organizations can derive useful information with correct comprehension of the data. In the automotive space, globally and in India, Vodafone helps customers gain insights into the data and help future product development. Some of the OEMs already have fleet management solutions and we at Vodafone will love to help them expand the scale in the industry. The OEMs are in the right direction as they address the challenges of asset tracking with connected platforms.”

Coverage of CEO’s participation as panelist at the CVF 2017

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