Lets automate the warehouse

Automation is the deal to clinch for long term projects

Mr. Vikram Manusukhani
Mr. Vikram Mansukhani
Head 3PL Division
TVS Logistics Services Ltd

Decision on automation and technology needs to be driven by fundamental parameters of process maturity, volume to be handled, tenure of deployment and ROI desired. Vikram Mansukhani, Head 3PL Division, TVS Logistics Services Ltd – India, points out, “A further decision on customised technology versus off the rack technology also needs to be made keeping in mind the fundamental parameters as well as the urgency of requirement to deploy. One size definitely does not fit all and the wrong choice of technology/automation could well make a manual process that is working well, go over the hill, especially given that such decisions and deployments cannot happen at frequent intervals.” On the question of cost optimisation, Mansukhani says, “Each of the technology platforms lend themselves to different process maturity, affordability and volume to be handled. The four systems mentioned here are not alternatives but rather can all be used together depending on the size, scale and complexity of the operation to be executed. It is also important while deploying technology, to clearly understand some of the other challenges in terms of availability of skilled manpower in a particular geography and at the right cost. If the job is routine in nature and highly voluminous, then automation is the best way to go for a long-term project exceeding a period of seven years.”