Document Management Solutions

state of the art document storage facility

Often times company data are stored in the form of corporate documents which are sensitive and of confidential nature. An inexpert and casual approach to document / record management can have severe consequences and pose considerable risks such as:

  • Time and effort wasted in trying to locate and retrieve documents / information.
  • Excess Data Storage Cost.
  • Security issue and financial loss due to misplacement / damage / theft of document.
  • Litigation risk in case of confidential data loss.
  • Intellectual Property Threat in case of usage of data by unauthorized person.
  • Damage to brand reputation.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions is one of the largest integrated service provider in india that provides document management solutions under the brand name DOCeNABLE.

Enabled by progressive technology and skilled manpower, TVS Supply Chain Solutions provides 360 degree document management solutions to maintain the equilibrium in processing digital and manual data. Documents / Records are managed through strict compliance and tight security measures, and are accessible in times of emergency with maximum agility.

document storage facility in India

Salient features of document management solutions by TVS Supply Chain Solutions are:

  • Role-based Access Control – Documents can be accessed globally as well as on demand.
  • Industry-specific functionality – Supports processes critical to customers’ business.
  • Dedicated backend support – Exclusive help desk managed by dedicated technology partners.
  • Fully Integrated – Document management services like bar-code based retrieval, packing, dispatch and responsible destruction, distribution, scanning, indexing and storage, and other operational processes involved in workflow management, are provided in this offering.
  • Complete audit trail - For customers’ records, audits conducted by customers, internal and external agencies for risk management.
  • Reduced Costs – Through efficient long term offsite storage and digital storage. In addition, reduction in expenses related to misplaced and missing files; office supplies and equipment needed to maintain files.
  • Safe and Secure storage – The company is ISO, OHSAS & EMS certified. We also ensure confidentiality of records, adherence to compliances and NDA.

Document Management Solutions in India

TVS Supply Chain Solutions’ document management services are backed by a safe, secure and quality infrastructure including:

  • Dedicated facilities.
  • 24*7 security and perimeter control.
  • Dust free facility with PVC curtains.
  • Latest fire extinguishing system and smoke detectors.
  • CCTV cameras and power back up.
  • Regular pest controls.
  • Superior customizable software with cloud storage.

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