We are a learning organization focused on empowering our employees thereby enabling them to take full control of their deliverables and their overall personal development. We have an open door policy and a cohesive role based culture.

Through our capability building programs Competency Oriented Learning Organization (COLO ™) we consistently keep formulating learning oriented strategies which makes sure:

  • YOU develop an in-depth knowledge of the company’s array of services and customers – both on the job and through extensive training
  • YOU are always focused on sharpening your skills and advancing your career.
  • YOU will find yourself on a high energy drive to innovate consistently

Careers - Learning & Development

Technical Training

Technical training relevant to each business vertical is identified with suitable training aid such as simulations, CBT’s, WBT’s, on job training, etc., The concept of new group approach drives the research for behavioural skills training needs are identified to suit the combination of new technology, new business and new person.

Behavioural skills

Behavioural skills are identified by line managers in HR through annual appraisal format captured through ILP. Learnings gained through new group, new technology, new skills and new people behavioural skills of the employees will be developed through these trainings.

Special Programmes

Special training programmes are organised to train different level of employees in various areas for improvement are Blue Leap, Pelikan, Epsilon and Pan IIT.

Careers - Career Opportunities

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