Our solutions provide the complete array of services from collection to storage and delivery. We customize our services to the size of our customer’s project and the complexity of their processes.

Services Offered

  • Transportation Solutions including Inbound / Outbound Logistics & Milk run collections
  • Warehouse Management Solutions – In Plant, Spare Parts Warehouse & Export KD pack Plant
  • Freight Management Solutions
  • Asset based Management Solutions
  • Materials Management Solutions
  • Defence Logistics Solutions

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Solutions - Defence Logistics Solutions

Entrusted to decide ‘What to buy, When to buy and How to buy

TVS Supply Chain Solutions (TVSSCS) is TVS LSL Group’s UK arm, providing end-to-end supply chain services across a variety of sectors including automotive, beverage, defence, industrial and utilities sectors. The company has facilities in the UK & Europe, North America, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Asia Pacific regions.

As a recognised expert in Defence Logistics, TVS Logistics is a strategic partner to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). We manage in excess of 180,000 NATO Stock Numbers across a wide range of equipment including armored fighting vehicles, construction vehicles, workshop spares, clothing, food, fuel, medical equipment, field catering, pharmaceuticals and general engineering hardware.

In UK, TVS currently has 7 warehouses and we deliver to a ‘Purple Gate’ which is the UK MoD’s distribution network, ultimately supporting the UK Armed Forces on a global basis either during active operational engagement, training camp manoeuvres or peacetime operations. These key initiatives ensure Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) get what they want, when they want it.

We have developed the skill set, systems and processes to overcome our defence customers’ unique challenges. Specifically, the network of suppliers we have developed give us the ability to resource components and ensure that any replacement is the same in fit, form and function, thereby not compromising the quality and performance of the vehicle.

TVS LSL’s comprehensive global supply chain experience in Automotive & Defence includes know-how in applied engineering and technical knowledge letting us source – right items from the right place at the right cost and at the right time.

Our Defence Logistics capabilities include:


  • Master Data Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Global Strategic purchasing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Storage/Warehousing
  • Transportation Services
  • Aftermarket Support


Why Choose TVS LSL for Indian Armed forces


  • Global presence and employee strength of over 15,000 for seamless logistics.
  • Better infrastructure – Over 10 million square feet of warehousing space in India across 29 states.
  • Better equipment (proven procurement expertise in equipping the UK Armed Forces with vehicle parts and commodity items such clothing, medical equipment, packed food, packed fuel and general commodities)
  • Better systems – Periodic advancement by investing in IT systems (Msys), people and infrastructure; proven in a defence environment.
  • Better Reach – A distribution network covering the length and breadth of India (including the Jammu & Kashmir and North East)
  • Better flexibility (24/7 services) – ability to deliver day to day support to operations and deliver a 24/7 service and provide a scalable response for exercises and surge.
  • More Experience – In managing a number of legacy fleets for the UK MoD (including Land Rover, Leyland Construction vehicles, Challenger 2, Warrior and LPPV)


Benefits to the Indian Armed Forces:


  • Improved visibility and control
  • Increased availability from reduced levels of stock
  • Better service and simplified flow systems with reduction in costs
  • Service even in remote, harsh environments
  • Proactive management of obsolescence on daily basis


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Solutions -Transportation Solutions

Trust TVS LSL for your need on transportation solution for Inbound /Line haul / Redelivery/FG Distribution. With our specialized operation team, efficient management & monitoring system, we provide the best in the class process & cost effective solutions.

Differentiating Solution

  • Plan For Each Part (PFEP)
  • GPS Tracking solution for all the trucks

a. GPS, Door sensor system for all the dedicated trucks

b. Wired GPS units for temporary / one time usage trucks

  • Customized vehicle and solution
  • Efficient consolidation with wide network

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Milk Run
Milk Run

We specialized in the Plan For Each Part (PFEP) based Milkrun solutions & consolidation across country through Hub & spoke concept. Our Milkrun Solutions are currently provided to OEM’s / Tier I / Tier II companies In India, Thailand & UK

Milkrun System Key Result Area’s

  • Fixed Window Time
  • JIT sequenced / Kanban order Milkrun Collections
  • Dynamic cube optimizing monitoring system
  • Safe Martial Transport
  • Schedule Vs. Collection real time information
  • Increased Collection frequency with same cost

(Please use the link to download CWB Terms & Conditions)

Cargo Way Bill – Terms & Conditions.pdf

Line Haul
Line Haul

Line haul operations account for the major part of the transportation. With large fleet network and Having the Hub location at all major consolidation location points, the cost effective transportation is operated. The availability of a large and varied fleet allows TVS logistics to be flexible in the mode of transportation used thereby optimising costs for it’s customers while still maintaining a keen focus on service vs cost performance of the supply chain.

Key Result Area’s

  • Higher consolidation efficiency
  • Best in industry transit time
  • Dedicated service providers
  • Trained truck drivers
  • Safe Transportation


The capability to distribute from warehouses / hubs to plants and factories just in time or the ability to manage medium and short haul transportation is integral to the success of any supply chain in today’s world. The ability to store material and redeliver to customer as and when required, provides the customer the flexibility that is required in modern supply chains. A large fleet of dedicated vehicles allows us to scale up and scale down our operations thereby keeping the supply chain cost optimised for the customer even in periods of variable demand.

Key Result Area’s

  • Long or short term storage
  • Proper Cross docking
  • Container stuffing/De-stuffing
  • Computerized inventory control

Solutions - Complete Warehouse Management Solution

At TVS Logistics, we provide end to end aftermarket warehousing solutions that cover our customer’s complex logistics processes. We effectively address volatile demand chains, vast geographical diversity, and focusing on our clients’ lead times. We customize our solutions to meet our customers’ business needs and optimize their inventory and assets.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific supply chain need – investment in infrastructure can either be done completely by TVS Logistics or we can suggest how to best improve and optimize the current systems.

Value Adds

a.  Warehousing Expertise: Expertise from a total 31 warehouses all across India

b.  In-house WMS Suite – Msys: Enables us to deliver world class services to clients and end customers and is the true service differentiator in the world of logistic. The Msys Suite contains applications for ERP, Warehouse Management       System, Demand Forecasting & Planning, Product Data Management, Mobile Resource Management, Business Intelligence Reporting, Supplier Information Portal and Parts Catalogue

c.  Automation: TVS Logistics has moved into the automation arena to improve productivity and reduce reliance on manpower. The steps we have taken to automate labor intensive operations are proving very beneficial in terms of productivity and cost to several of our customers

d. Warehouse Design: Start to finish warehouse design and racking layout

e.  Modern Racking for Efficient Operation: Modern material racking methods for increased productivity

f.  Barcode Scanning:Barcode scanning implementation for total stock control from receiving to dispatch

Warehousing services and scope of activities offered:

a. Core Services: Sourcing and Procurement, Receiving, Quality and Quantity, Checking, Unit consolidation (packing in customer’s packaging in customer specified MPQ), Labeling, Put-away, Inventory Control & Variance Reduction, Shelf Life and FIFO, Order Management, Picking, Packing, Dispatch planning, Invoicing and Complete Warehouse Management

b.  Other Services offered: Material Handling Equipment, Maintenance of Warehouse and MHEs, Kit Making, 5s & House keeping, Security, Special Handling (preservation, special  packaging, & other activities as required by the customer) and Safety Management

Solutions - Freight Management Solutions

A wide network of offices and warehouses across the major ports and hinterland in India and with access to the overseas facilities of TVS Logistics across the globe

A close and very successful cooperation with a medium size efficient and resourceful global freight solutions provider with over 160 offices in all the six continents of the globe

Global Integration solutions include

  • Pre shipment and post shipment services includes air freight, ocean freight, inward, outbound, handling over dimensional and special equipment
  • Customised surface transport includes dedicated trucking facilities, a cell for export packaging and optimizing container cube optimisation, air and ocean consolidations
  • Customs clearances with direct EDI link to sea ports and airports
  • VMI Services and JIT deliveries with warehousing at destinations
  • Sea, Air import and Export
  • Value added services like, quality inspection at destination, effective container cube utilization, robust packaging and continuous improvement

Annual contracts with shipping lines and special rates with air carriers.

IATA ( International AIR Transport Association) approval to operate as Air Cargo agents and approval to operate as MTO ( Multi Modal Transport Operator) by the Director General of Shipping , Government of India, with the authority to issue its own House Air waybills and Bills of Lading.

Membership of major industry bodies including ACAAI ( Air Cargo Agents Associations in India), FFFAI ( Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations in India), MMA ( Madras Management Association), FIATA ( International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations ), CII ( Confederation of Indian Industry) and AMTOI ( Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India)

A team of dedicated motivated and customer focussed personnel across all the disciplines and verticals.

Solutions - Asset Based Management Solutions

TVS LSL ventured into providing a new value added service namely the Material Handling Solutions to engineering and automobile majors. All the Material Handling Solutions required in the plant are provided with manpower to operate and maintain the equipment.

This gives the customer the advantage of high machine uptime. The products are backed by trained drive and efficient service team.

Solutions - Materials Management Solutions

TVS Logistics has more than a decade of experience in material handling solutions for our clients. We train our manpower on material handling equipments like scissor lift, floor crane and pallet truck from a certified training facility. We have advanced material handling equipments and the expertise to deal with complex processes.

At present, our clients include large scale and medium scale engineering industries, automobile manufacturers and the FMCG sector. Our material handling services include owning and operating the material handling equipment for our clients by:

  • Competitive priced solutions
  • Superior quality machines
  • Trained manpower
  • Regular Maintenance