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TVS Logistics is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, with a strict focus on quality and business excellence, its operations are backed by robust technology for transportation, last mile, warehousing, accounts and billing, manpower management, etc. TVS Logistics seamlessly connects with customers’ ERP to provide them with real time visibility and...... Read More

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Global Supply Chain Network

TVSLSL's Integrated Logistics Solutions and Supply Chain Management

  • A turnover growth more than 60 times in a little over a decade
  • Fourteen companies acquired globally in the last five years
  • The first Indian MNC providing end to end supply chain management solutions in more than 50 countries across the globe
  • The only logistics company that the $250-billion Canadian Pension fund manager CDPQ picked a stake in when it came shopping to India in 2016

TVS Logistics has successfully acquired and forged partnerships with companies globally in search of knowledge, and has progressed today to deliver supply chain management services in developed economies like the UK and the US. These capabilities we are now able to offer to the India’s logistics sector.
We recognise the need for supply chain collaboration and have been proactively participating with our customers in their strategic supply chain management planning process. This coupled with our innovative, ever-evolving logistics solutions have ensured enduring relationships with our diverse customers and stakeholders across the value chain. With its customised logistics solutions and relentlessly lean and reliable supply chain management, TVS Logistics is the perfect partner for all outsourced needs across the spectrum.


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